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Newly deployed “cantenna” / small cell, Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria, VA, March 22, 2018 – MediaFreedom applauds the FCC and, in particular, the work of Commissioner Brendan Carr, with today’s order streamlining the red-tape surrounding the National Historic Preservation Act and the National Environmental Policy Act, thus reducing the regulatory drags and costs that hinder the deployment of next-generation wireless facilities. Quite simply, these reforms will help grow 5G networks and their currency – i.e., its million-plus small cells, which have yet to be fully deployed – held back by these dated policies.

The reform is long overdue and represents a tremendous leap forward toward bridging the digital divide and boosting broadband-enabled prosperity for all Americans.

Good work, FCC! Keep it coming.



You might have heard the latest panic about Cambridge Analytica (CA) and its social media work for the Trump presidential campaign. Allegedly, the company repurposed the Facebook-gathered data mining of a researcher, ultimately yielding access to millions of Facebook profiles, which, we’re told, it then used to help the campaign during the campaign’s primaries.

This has the Left’s undies in a big wad.

“How dare the Trump campaign use Facebook in such a manner?” they decry.

Turns out, Trump’s primary campaign was just doing what Obama had already done in his general election campaign of 2012.

Notes the National Review:

[Writer / reporter] Sasha Issenberg gushed about how the Obama campaign used the same permissions structure of Facebook to extract the data of scores of millions of Facebook users who were unaware of what was happening to them. Combining Facebook data with other sources such as voter-registration rolls, Issenberg wrote, generated “a new political currency that predicted the behavior of individual humans. The campaign didn’t just know who you were; it knew exactly how it could turn you into the type of person it wanted you to be.”

This made me return to some video I shot at a New America Foundation event on 11/16/12, entitled “Dark Money, Media and Campaign 2012” (shown below). One of the participants there was Craig Aaron, President of “media reform” group, Free Press – a group that, ironically, now wants the FTC to punish Facebook for the CA “breach.”

At the event, a different story was being told, you know. There, Aaron talked about the online / offline organizing efforts of the Obama election campaign…

…and his concerns about one day being able to access that LIST, stating:

“…[T]he organizing lessons that came out of the campaign, if you’re an organizer, certainly if you’re using some sort of hybrid online and offline model, as we are and a lot of the groups are, you have to look at what was done.

Politically, maybe the big question is, are those who have THAT LIST, the political campaign, or campaigns, are they willing to sort of encourage or turn these folks loose on anything except for elections. And that remains to be seen. Certainly, in the first term, if we’re talking about Obama for America, you know, not really. “Um, thank you. Amazing. We’re getting you ready for next time. You know, but we kinda’ got this over here, and this agenda. And, hey, there’s the people who were at those 200 fundraisers – get them some jobs.” Um, and that’s going to be the fight here in the next few weeks and months about whether that energy can be translated into a kind of accountability.

“I think there’s reason to be optimistic. I think people are feeling energized, you know, [about] whose candidate did well in the election. I think a lot of people feel a weight lifted maybe they didn’t know it was there. So, it’s an exciting time. But, it’s going to be those folks, those personal connections being brought into these actual [campaign finance / media reform, etc.] issues that will determine whether, I think, we can accomplish some of these things…” (Emphasis added)

I guess it’s OK for the Free Pressers of the world to benefit from the same tactics as CA because, you know, their cause is all about “fairness” and “equality.”  And ours is about freeing individuals and markets from liberty-killing governmental control – you know, the “evil” stuff.

What hooey, the Left.

One wonders if that LIST wasn’t ultimately accessed by groups like Free Press and others to “accomplish some things.”

Remember when Obama called on the FCC to issue Title II Net Neutrality rules for ISPs, and then suddenly millions of people commented online for their adoption?

Or, when the current FCC worked to repeal the Obama Title II Net Neutrality rules, and then millions showed up again objecting to it?

Or, when the EPA tried to enact new global warming regulations?

Or, when the ACA was being impended?

Or, when the Iran nuke deal went through?


What a hot, fake news mess this all is.


California state legislators are high.

Its legal weed industry is in trouble because its reefer regs have pushed bong smokers to buy their Mary Jane from the black market instead of licensed pushers.

So last week, state lawmakers proposed to temporarily reduce its reefer taxes and other regulation because, as its main co-sponsor says:

“California cannabis businesses are making significant investments as they embrace the regulated marketplace while, at the same time, being undercut by unregulated competitors…”

In the same puff, another group of California legislators is seeking to reinstate Obama’s repealed Net Neutrality law, working to bind state ISPs with rules that are even tougher than the law it (illegally) seeks to re-impose. On top of banning blocking, throttling and paid priority, it also prohibits two-sided pricing, differential pricing and zero rating (among other restrictions).

What a buzz kill.

What hypocrisy.

ObamaNet was repealed precisely because it undermined investment by ISPs; because, by design, it undercut ISPs by regulating them and then locking them out of markets dominated by unregulated (Silicon Valley) “competitors.”

Funny how taxes and regulation tend to kill growth. Too bad California legislators only want to grow weeds.

Take another toke, dudes.  I’m sure you’ll get it straight some day.


I attended yesterday’s pro-Net Neutrality rally at the Senate Swamp – a press event designed to help improve the chances of passage of the Democrats’ (likely ill-fated) Congressional Review Act. The CRA seeks to repeal the current FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom rule, which late last year repealed President Obama’s Open Internet / Net neutrality Order (I know, ugh).

Rep. Mike Doyle (left), whispering sweet Net Neutrality nothings into Nancy Pelosi’s ear as she surveyed “her” crowd at the event.

Here are some quick observations from the spin show:

  • This rally was bigger in number than a similar “Day of Action” event in July 2017 at the same location – perhaps because of the nicer (certainly cooler) weather, but also because it appeared to have more corporate PR flacks running around at this one. In all, it looked to be about 75-100 people, comprised mostly of professional activists (and their paying organizers), Hill staffers, and “press.”
  • The congressional speakers at the event, led by Senator Ed Markey, featured Nancy Pelosi (perhaps to take Al Franken’s spot?), who framed the “need” for Net Neutrality in decidedly polarizing, this-is-about-taking-back-our-Democracy-from-evil-corporations, pro-millennial voter (who ALL want Net Neutrality), pro-racial / social justice terms, which were then followed as if scripted by most of the Reps and Senators who came after her at the event. Very little legal or serious policy arguments were presented to the gathered crowd. Consequently, there were a bunch of new faces in the mix (because not much was needed of them other than to mouth the party line), which I’ve never seen at any of the NN rallies before. Perhaps they smell the voter gravy train (or pull-along red rider, that is).
  • The Net Neutrality “movement,” if it can be called that, has clearly pivoted from “no fast lanes” / economic policy issues to broader matters of racial / social justice – even though it’s essentially led in Congress by a small handful of dinosaur, white individuals (such as Senators Ron Wyden and Ed Markey; and Representatives Frank Pallone, Mike Doyle and Anna Eshoo). That said, the fact that Pelosi was there shows the “movement” is upping the ante.
  • Sen Richard Blumenthal, perhaps belying the scam that the CRA tactic is, and the fact that the “movement” is made for laptop screens and bots and not much more, says he’s making this issue “political” – umm, if not now, then, umm, for the ’18 elections and beyond” (I paraphrase).
  • One of two “corporates” to speak, Evan Greer (from the Soros-funded lobbying group, Fight for the Future) addressed the crowd, ironically saying that the issue has overwhelming bipartisan support, with Dem-only Senators and Congressmen at his back on the dais.
  • There were no small businesses as presenting speakers, or in attendance (unless, of course, one counts the boutique lobbying and PR shops pushing NN, of which I noticed a few).
  • All the usual suspects from the professional activists attended. Interestingly, no Free Press people spoke at the event. This is the second, high profile event in a row where the group has been shut out of a speaking role.  Something has clearly changed in this regard.
  • The “press” asked NO QUESTIONS. One of the event’s PR guys smiled at me sheepishly after the show, as if to say “Good work, eh?” Quite frankly, having worked in TV and covering a shipload of these shows, I found it odd and disturbing (but not surprising) that not a single question was asked. The “press” certainly had the opportunity. Markey at the close of the event said that he generally takes questions at that point, but, (quickly) seeing none, he bolted out of there. Of course, if that were Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan up there, they’d be grilled. The Dems, not so much. Not a single question shouted out, asking about the chances of the CRA becoming law (ZERO). Or, why the issue has suddenly turned into one about racial justice (election politics). Or, what people in the heartland really think about Net Neutrality (not much). Even Fox didn’t ask a question. I guess this is just another aspect of the vote-getting, fundraising scam. It further confirms to me both the partisanship (and lack of independence) of the “press,” and the fact that this isn’t really a real issue that real American’s give a hoot about.
  • Finally, there was a lot of armed security there (which, of course, is ironic and sad given recent tragedies), which was different from the July event.

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