Free Press on Google / Vz “deal” – Black Corporate Helicopters on Their Way to Steal Internet

by Mike Wendy on August 11, 2010

Adam Thierer appears in this VOA news story on the Google Verizon Net Neutrality proposal. Guess who he goes up against? The radicals at the Free Press. Though it can be agreed that the interests of Internet consumers should remain paramount in this debate, Thierer and the Free Press have dramatically opposing views on how to get there.

Thierer’s topline – We don’t need new regulation to guarantee consumer happiness on the Net; we already have enough rules, and the market works.

Free Press lobbyists’ topline – Wiley corporate foxes cannot be trusted to satsify consumers; more government rules or regulations are the only valid means of protecting the “defenseless” consumer (I’m paraphrasing, of course).

Take a look.

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