The Revolution Will Be Webcast – Professional Left to Descend on Google for Its Net Neturality Apostasy

by Mike Wendy on August 13, 2010

The revolution will be webcast, as the Professional Left – led by Free Press and (and aided and abetted by the fabulously wealthy, and stealthy, Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC) protest their dislike of the Google / Verizon Net Neutrality proposal at Google’s Bay Area corporate campus this morning.

Wow.  This is a national emergency of major proportions.  Get out your gas masks, folks, ‘cuz this street battle’s going to be a doozey.  To ensure no one suffers during this Internet-age act of civil disobedience, I’m told is shipping in lattes and sushi for the patriots to maintain their optimal fighting strength and wit.  Spare batteries for laptops will also be available so no text, Tweet or blog fails transmission during the ensuing street battle.  

Check out this story today –  

Free Press is e-mailing its estimated 15,000 Bay Area supporters Thursday, and MoveOn will do the same to their local membership, which is likely to be many times the size of Free Press’.

The point, according to Free Press spokeswoman Liz Rose, is to make it clear to D.C. lawmakers that this is an issue people care about and to make it clear to those who don’t know about the issue “what they are about to lose.”

“We are trying to show that the public is against Google and Verizon’s plan to turn over the internet to corporations,” Rose said. “We can’t leave any stone unturned. Can we get people out from behind their computers?”

So Google’s going to steal the Internet.  Oh, really?  Does America really care about a simple legislative proposal on Net Neutrality, which is all it is right now – just a proposal?

Probably not.  There’s so much more worth being disobedient about, like the lack of new jobs, an anemic economy, and the rise of the Nanny-State usurping our fundamental rights at every step. 

New Pew Center research released yesterday reveals that the majority of Americans may have a decidedly different point of view than that of the Free Press. 

According to Pew:

“By a 53%-41% margin, Americans say they do not believe that the spread of affordable broadband should be a major government priority. Contrary to what some might suspect, non-internet users are less likely than current users to say the government should place a high priority on the spread of high-speed connections.”

Apparently, Americans like their Internet.  But, they put it all in perspective, too – something clearly missing in this latest move by professional radicals Free Press, MoveOn and the PCCC.  

I hope they have enough wasabi at the rally.  If they don’t, then you’re really going to see things get out of hand.

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