Seton Motley’s Take on the Failed Waxman Net Neutrality “Compromise”

by Mike Wendy on October 8, 2010

A colleague of mine, Seton Motley, has an interesting take on last week’s failed Waxman Net Neutrality bill. 

As Seton writes in Big Government:

“In actuality, this NN bill had ZERO chance of passing.  You can’t introduce it out of Committee the Tuesday before the Friday Congress adjourns – and expect it to become law.  Anyone who follows these things knows this is folly.

“It did accomplish something.  Forced again to make a decision inside of six seconds on transcendentally important legislation, the Republicans rightly said No.  Ranking Committee member Joe Barton decided they would not, again, be forced aboard another screaming legislative locomotive.”

He has more to say, and you should check it out.  But it’s clear – the mid-terms are a part of this twisted “to-Net-Neutrality-regulate-or-legislate-or-not” equation.  Chairman Waxman did leave the door open to a retake on this bill.  But if the R’s come off with the House (and maybe even the Senate), then all bets are off (as they should be).

More to come…

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