Update on Waxman Net Neutrality “Compromise” & Related FCC Efforts

by Mike Wendy on October 14, 2010

Politico has a good column today (“What’s next for the net neutrality debate?”) on the state of the Waxman Net Neutrality “compromise” and the FCC’s stalled efforts to impose Net Neutrality / 19th Century telephone regulation on 21st Century Internet providers.

Says one source in the article:

“There’s still a chance the Waxman effort could get reviewed in the lame-duck period in a way that still might attract some bipartisan support,” said Paul Gallant, telecom analyst at Concept Capital’s Washington Research Group. “It’s highly unlikely a bill would actually pass, but getting it introduced would be a good place holder that Congress is finding some common ground on this very divisive issue.”

But the FCC could still act on its own.  Notes the article:

“I think [FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski] will move forward,” said Markham Erickson, executive director of the [Open Internet Coalition]. “The docket will be complete by early November, and I think he’ll be in a position where he’ll be ready to take action with a rule making shortly after that.”

One thing’s for sure – this is still a live hand grenade, at least until after the midterms.  After that, it could get really interesting.

More to come…

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