Commerce Report Further Confirms Net Neutrality Regulations Not Needed

by Mike Wendy on November 8, 2010

The following statement may be attributed to Mike Wendy, Director, Media

Alexandria, VA, November 8, 2010 – The Department of Commerce today will report that home broadband uptake, while imperfect, does not reflect the dire scenarios pushed by activists these past five years.  Reaffirming what other recent US government reports and agency filings have found, the DoC’s study notes that broadband use is not so much an access / supply issue, but rather it’s more a demand matter instead – 38% of Americans who do not have broadband say they see no need for it; 26% say cost is a factor; and only 4% say it’s not available.

This report shows that the Internet is not “broken,” as seemingly wished for by such groups as the Free Press and Public Knowledge.   The medium has experience wild growth this decade promoted in large measure by the evolution of technology and consumer choice.  Important work continues to bring in those marginalized by society, those who cannot afford access, and those who lack proper skill sets, to use the medium.

But for policymakers, Net Neutrality regulation should not represent that work.  A radical overhaul of our information networks is occurring daily without government regulation.  Convincing Americans to use the Internet must not mean shackling the Internet to onerous, 19th Century regulation.


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