Genachowski Reportedly Pulls a Freddy Krueger – Job Killing Net Neutrality Regulations Said to Make Horrific Reappearance

by Mike Wendy on November 18, 2010

The following statement may be attributed to Mike Wendy, Director of Media

Alexandria, VA, November 18, 2010 – Today it was reported that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will imminently flout the will of the American public, the Congress, the Unions, numerous civil liberties and minority groups, former FCC officials, and even members of his own political party, and unilaterally impose Net Neutrality regulations on the Internet.  In light of other recent statements, it represents a 180-degree shift away from his call to “catalyze private investment, foster job creation, compete globally, and create broad opportunity in the United States.”

Command-and-control regulations like Net Neutrality will achieve the opposite of this. Not only will these regulations hamstring vibrant Internet innovation and growth, they will also harm America’s job creators who depend on the entire Internet ecosystem to create jobs and prosperity.

The Internet works.  Net Neutrality is a de facto reality.  Consumers thrive and jobs are being created by the continual advance of technology, consumer transparency tools, industry best practices, marketplace competition and minimal consumer backstops.  Net Neutrality regulation represents an unwarranted layer of Internet control that will thwart our economic growth.


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