If This Is Success, Keep It Up, Guys!

by Mike Wendy on November 24, 2010

ColorofChange.org co-founder, James Rucker, has been busy of late.  He’s in a back-and-forth with Representative Bobby Rush and the Representative’s siding with the telecom industry on the Net Neutrality debate.  In a blog post yesterday, among other things, he defends himself against queries about his organization’s own involvement (read: funding / support) from the software industry in the Bay Area.

Amusingly, in that post, he also notes that:

“I personally led a successful protest on behalf of more than 600,000 people in which we called out Google for proposing a framework in collusion with Verizon that would undermine net neutrality — it’s not the kind of thing you do if you’re funded or controlled by Silicon Valley.”

Stranger bedfellows have hooked up in the past, I suppose.

That said, his claim – the so-called “successful protest on behalf of 600,000 people” – deserves a closer look.  Successful?  C’mon.

Here’re some results from this “successful” event.

If this is successful – keep it up, guys!

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