TechPolicy to Roll Slowly (if at all) with New Congress

by Mike Wendy on November 4, 2010

Here’s a quick roundup of what the election results might mean for tech issues in the next session of Congress.

Declan McCullagh at CNET – Election not likely to change much in tech.

Amy Schatz at Wall Street Journal – Net Neutrality and other tech issues to take a back seat in next session of Congress.

Bob Pegoraro at Washington Post – Look to the agencies, not Congress, for any techpolicy advances.

Jim Harper at Cato – Expect “welcome gridlock” on tech issues in Congress.

Scott Cleland at Precusor Blog – Election presents opportunity for FCC to work cooperatively, not radically, with Congress.

Michael Copps, FCC Commissioner – Congratulates all of the winners in the midterms, and, in reconciliatory tone (?), notes the tremendous shared challenges ahead.

Sara Jerome at The Hill – Lameduck session not fertile for techpolicy developments; some potential on limited issues thereafter (check this Hill roundup, too).

David Goldman at CNN Money – Election results means Net Neutrality path unclear / rocky for FCC.

Todd Shields at Bloomberg – With House in Republican control, Net Neutrality regulations may find tougher sledding.

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