“FOIA” Petition to Digital “Consumer Rights” Groups to See FCC’s Hidden Net Neutrality Order

by Mike Wendy on December 13, 2010

Earlier this month, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski said he’ll be ordering controversial new Net Neutrality rules on December 21st.  To date, however, we have yet to see what’s in his Hidden Order.

American consumers deserve more transparency than this closed process.  But, it’s apparent Chairman Genachowski will not abide.

So, where to go to get at the Hidden Order?

Press reports and FCC records show that digital “consumer rights” groups Public Knowledge, Free Press and the Open Internet Coalition have an intimate connection to the Hidden Order – more than they’re letting on in public.

In a time when some of these groups support WikiLeaks, they should also show the same enthusiastic support to reveal the Chairman’s Hidden Order.  After all, they owe it to American consumers who want to know how the FCC’s new laws will harm the vibrant and unregulated (for now) Internet.

Sign the PETITION to “FOIA” Public Knowledge, Free Press & the Open Internet Coalition for access to the FCC’s Hidden Net Neutrality Order!

To get on the PETITION, contact mwendy@mediafreedom.org.

Brett Glass December 13, 2010 at 10:57 pm

Count me in.

Mike Knudsen December 13, 2010 at 11:21 pm

There is no way I feel we the consumer are going to get a fair shake on this. I am a 63 year old conservative who feels corporations and governments are taking over the internet. Governments are caving into corporations while trying to control the internet instead of those who “leak”. It’s the old adage about punishing the 98% for and instead of the 2%. Industry is carving out the internet and making us pay, first for general access (ok) and then they are coming up with the idea of parceling, both the content and the “amount” of data. All around corporate greed without competition. When we want the government help, we don’t get it, when we don’t want their help, we get it. The corporations get it even after they get us in trouble. FRUSTRATED

Jim T December 14, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Just more fuel for the fire that Darryl Issa will be kindling soon.

Genachowski should be planning to spend the better part of the next two years in Congressional hearing rooms and in court rooms.

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