FCC Places Internet in a Bell Jar via Net Neutrality

by Mike Wendy on December 1, 2010

The following statement may be attributed to Mike Wendy, Director, Media Freedom.org.

Alexandria, VA, December 1, 2010 – Before the stroke of midnight last night, the FCC put Net Neutrality on its December agenda.  While not unexpected, the upcoming order remains an unwanted and unwarranted exercise in agency hubris.  The market works.  The FCC has said as much.  After all, the agency insists it is “preserving” the well-functioning medium, as if to lithely place it in a Bell Jar for future use and observation.

With only specious claims and speculation to back their regulations – not to mention dubious legislative authority – the FCC has embarked on “fixing” one of the greatest non-regulated communications tools ever created.   Sadly, this will frustrate its continued growth for Americans, slowing, in particular, the roll-out of new lines and services to U.S. homes, businesses and individuals. Moreover, in a weakened economy, these new regulations will add yet another impediment to worker productivity and job creation, as the communications tools they need to compete have a harder time finding the marketplace.

All parties recognize the Communications Act needs updating.  A new Congress will arrive in a month’s time.  It needs updating there.  Not by three Commissioners at a rogue agency, as they race to get home before their carriage turns into a pumpkin.


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