Why No Free Press Press Release on Byron Dorgan’s Apotheosis to K Street?

by Mike Wendy on January 14, 2011

The Washington Examiner had a piece yesterday on former “populist” senator, Byron Dorgan, fleeing to Washington’s infamous K Street after leaving his perch in the U.S. Senate.

That makes him an “evil lobbyist” – if you take the typically liberal, reflexive point of view.

I don’t have a problem with lobbying.  It’s a protected right under the 1st Amendment.  And laws – if they need to occur – are generally made better, or are certainly checked, by the activity of lobbyists from all parts of the spectrum.

Usually, liberal folks have a problem with it.  In their view, lobbying is a scourge (I guess they’d prefer only their version of the 1st Amendment to hold true).  That’s why this article is so interesting.  Instead of seeing liberals berate the “lugubrious act” of lobbying, that narrative quickly disappears with Dorgan’s recent apotheosis.

You see, it’s different for Dorgan and all his underlings who are set on striking it rich (as they rightly deserve) to lobby for big corporations.  Dorgan and his comrades are populist heroes.  Champions of the “little guy”.  Defenders of truth and light.

So, it’s OK (said in Senator Al Franken’s Stuart Smalley voice).

Notes the Examiner:

This is standard fare from the Left. Liberal blogger John Nichols at the Nation praised Dorgan as a “North Dakota populist.” Another 2007 Nation article pegging Montana Sen. Max Baucus as “K Street’s favorite Democrat” used Dorgan as the contrast.

Oh, let me add some gratuitous ad hominem…er, irony, from the article:

One wonders whether…the Nation’s bloggers ever visited the home of this “populist.” I’m not talking about the small apartment in Bismarck that Dorgan used as his official address on Federal Election Commission filings — I’m talking about his four-bedroom, 4 1/2-bath $1.1 million abode on a cul-de-sac in McLean.

How does a career public servant afford such a house? It helps to be married to the top lobbyist for the life insurance industry. Kimberly Dorgan is the “Senior Executive Vice President for Public Policy” at the American Council of Life Insurers.

Back-story on the liberal blogger mentioned above – John Nichols.  He’s one of the co-founders of the anti-capitalist group, Free Press.  Funny how that group and its associates decry corporate interests (the ones not giving them money, anyway), but then seem to turn their head when it splits in their favor.

Dorgan supported the group’s confiscatory Net Neutrality campaign (recently realized by the FCC by cover of night, late this December), among other issues Free Press squealed about during Dorgan’s tenure on the powerful Senate Commerce Committee.

Though we won’t see a Free Press statement “lamenting” Dorgan’s escape to greener streets, last week the group quickly issued a paranoid condemnation of former AT&T executive, Bill Dailey, becoming President Obama’s new chief of staff (your typical guilt- by-association tactic Free Press and their campaign director, Tim Karr, so love).

This blindspot is to be expected from the petulant group who once descended on Google to protest its “outrageous” Net Neutrality proposal, co-authored with “evil” Verizon; who aggressively lobbied the White House using its Google connection to advance its Net Neutrality agenda at the FCC; and who are themselves hard core, entrenched lobbyists, actively participating in Washington’s perennial growth industry.

Hooray for Dorgan!  I hope he gets even richer using the First Amendment as his main tool to further engorge his bank account.

Boo to the hypocrites, Free Press, who think that that Right is only theirs to wield.

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