Twitter Posts of X & O’s for “@SuperWuster” Tell the Real (Internet Takeover) Story

by Mike Wendy on February 14, 2011

You don’t have to look far to wonder why many in the conservative side of the tech-policy world think Tim Wu’s apotheosis to the FTC portends greater regulatory strictures on the Internet.

Over the weekend on Twitter, numerous pro-regulatory, Net Neutrality zealots tweeted their affection for “SuperWuster,” as can be witnesses in this sweet tweet:

@superwuster Happy Valentines day from the internet. Thanks for your hard work! Let’s work to make an open internet #netneutrality #athenism

Ya’ think they’re doing that because the father of “Net Neutrality” (whatever it means at this given moment) has changed his stripes?

If you do, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

Problem is, of course, the SuperWuster is a regulator now instead of some Ivy-league theorist.  And, like a general eager to use his / her new toys in battle, Wu’s probably itching to “advise” the agency “on rules for the Internet platform” to put his theories into action.

Though some groups – like Public Knowledge – pathologically insist Net Neutrality regulations are not about an “Internet takeover,” they protest too loudly.  The Twitter posts – as in Egypt – tell the real story.

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