Congress’ Virus

by Mike Wendy on March 15, 2011

At last week’s House hearing on Net Neutrality, Representative Anna Eshoo decried what she thought the real reason why one side of the aisle (not hers) didn’t like the new FCC regulations.  Apparently, some in Congress are sick.

Noted Eshoo (audio excerpt here):

“I think there’s a virus here in Congress.  And it really is not about Net Neutrality.  I think it’s about any kind of regulation.  And whether government agencies have authority to carry out rules through their regulations.  I think that’s really what’s at the heart of this thing.

Well, she’s right.  But, I think she’s misdiagnosed the condition.  Seems that any time a sniffle comes out of Congress, there’s a looming threat of legislation, regulation, or the possibility that the ability to control one’s private property gets materially diminished by the denizens on Capitol Hill (especially if you’re a network provider, or Google).

Check out these headlines from just this past week:

Senators Wyden and Franken write to SEC on importance of Net Neutrality for shareholders

Senator Franken plans to introduce antitrust law to punish Net Neutrality infractions

Representative Ed Markey is concerned about AT&T’s new broadband pricing plan

Senate and House Members have questions on Google search

More handkerchief waving will surely come as it seems Congress can’t help but catching cold.  Yet, with confidence in our government at a 35-year low, I wonder who’s really sick?



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