Res Ipsa Loquitur Part 1 – Gigi Sohn Comes Clean

by Mike Wendy on March 7, 2011

Public Knowledge’s public spokesperson – Art Brodsky – and the lobbying group’s boss – Gigi Sohn – seemingly have two competing views of what the Net Neutrality regulations aren’t (or are, that is).

Said Art Brodsky of Public Knowledge in one (among many) recent Huffington Post blog:

…The most fundamental misunderstanding, of course, is that the FCC wants to take over the Internet. It doesn’t. The talking point, while appropriately inflammatory for the target audience, is simply wrong. There is no “takeover” of the Internet. A “takeover” raises the spectre of government control of content, directing which companies, sites and services can operate and which can’t. Nothing like that is even remotely happening, and it is irresponsible to suggest that it is. It’s just the opposite… (emphasis added)

But today, Gigi had another story – about 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  Responding to a tweet on Net Neutrality at 10:13 this morning, she exclaimed:

Well said! RT @davidisen: Those who make so-called “gov’t takeover” of Net impossible make corporate takeover inevitable. #netneutrality

Thanks, Gigi, for coming clean.  Your statement speaks for itself.  While I don’t agree with the corporate-bashing part of the re-tweet, at least now your lobbying shop’s on the record with its real position, not the press release spin.

Net Neutrality regulations are a government takeover, alright.  Well said!

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