Patchouli or Pitchforks? Crawford Calls for Gitmo-like Tactics for Network Providers

by Mike Wendy on April 11, 2011

Free Press just held its annual conference on media reform this weekend in Boston.  All “important” Progressives were there, including even Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House.

It is oft-reported by the sympathetic mainstream media that the activists at such events are kinder, gentler, more tolerant people (though the conservative media reformers were left out of this particular event).  And, of course, as their enlightened work pertains to Net Neutrality – regulations that “in no way regulate the Internet” – the struggle is not about harming any one party, but instead fostering free speech so that Democracy may thrive for all.  Or, as Speaker Pelosi says, “No one should be guarding the gate of our Freedom of Speech…on the Internet” (though I am not sure exactly what she means with this somewhat fuzzy quote from the event).

We’re presented with patchouli, as a tweet from the event on the attendees’ “suffering,” shows:

There are several hundred people listening to Congressman Markey, and they are really listening. But there’s an AURA of sorrow and suffering in this hall of activists. Ed’s trying to energize us.

But slipping through that sweet fragrance, we smell the truth – the raw musk of people donning pitchforks to force Change – as is revealed in this angry quote about network providers from ex-Obama official, Susan Crawford, at the event:

“Unfortunately the world where regulating these guys into to an inch of their life is exactly what needs to happen.”

The PR, filled with religious imagery and its “you can catch more bees with patchouli” spiel sure looks and smells nice. But, at core, confiscatory policy like Net Neutrality is the real aim of this bellicose group of “peace-loving” Progressives.  And like any unruly mob, they’re more likely to pick up pitchforks or waterboard to bring about Change than act like rational adults who are genuinely concerned about fair outcomes based on real facts.

Crawford and the army she fights with is about bare-knuckled power, pure and simple.  Patchouli has no place on her battlefield.


Brett Glass May 2, 2011 at 1:51 am

Crawford also has no qualms about lying – even lying to Congress – to reach her desired ends. She has repeatedly denied the existence of competition among ISPs, even when several competitive ISPs have been in the room at the time! Clearly, she does not want the facts to get in the way of her agenda, which is to have all ISPs regulated in such a way that they are unable to break even and are ultimately nationalized.

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