Update – FCC Clarifies Budget Request Re: “Other Contractual Services”

by Mike Wendy on April 1, 2011

Here’s an update from the FCC in regard to my query on their Media Relations budget for “Other Contractual Services”.  The original story, entitled, “FCC’s Media Relations Budget – Why the Nearly 3-fold Increase in “Other Contractual Services” & What Are Said Services Anyway?” can be seen here.

From an FCC Spokesman: "In the explanatory section for the FCC Office of
Media Relations in the FCC FY 2012 Budget, underneath the expenditure
chart cited in your report, there are requirements listed to "Enhance
public understanding of and compliance with the Commission's regulatory
requirements," and  to "manage the audio and visual support services for
the Commission."

"Item 22 "Other Contractual Services" refers to expeditures to carry out
these audio-visual services to the public. It consists of closed
captioning services, sign language interpreters, and temporary technical
staff for FCC  public meetings, workshops, forums, advisory committee
meetings, and other similar events, held both at FCC Washington
headquarters and in out-of-Washington locations,  that are regularly
streamed live for real time (and later archived) public access. The
increased budget authority request for these services reflects the
nearly three-fold increase in the number of such public sessions being
held by the FCC. Information on FCC public events is contained at
http://reboot.fcc.gov/calendar <http://reboot.fcc.gov/calendar>."

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