On the Horizon – Google and Its SmartPhone Patent Wars

by Mike Wendy on May 2, 2011

Came across an interesting article from Computerworld, entitled “Smartphone patent fight: World War III.” Among other things, it highlights the coming difficulties for Google and its Android platform, as it defends the OS from being undone by intellectual property questions surrounding its open source technology.

According to the article:

Google apparently believes that an Android program written with a General Public License “can just cut out the copyrightable parts,” [FLOSS activists Florian] Mueller recently noted in a blog. Oracle, in a Java-related lawsuit against Google, has argued that any company that treats a copyright this way “may be similarly arrogant and reckless when patents are concerned.”

Mueller concluded that Google’s approach “exposes its entire ecosystem to legal risks.”

Though Google claims that it “…strongly supports intellectual property and copyright law,” it also believes that while these “laws are essential, [they] are not absolute.”  In other words, it’s a matter of balance.

If Android infringes on the IPR of others, one hopes Google quickly works to find its balance, and properly compensates for / licenses that technology. Google is a big, bright company, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from the law – law which protects the rights of creators, not poachers.

More to come…

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