Free Press – Recidivist Hypocrites

by Mike Wendy on June 3, 2011

The latest news about Free Press does not surprise me – that is, Judicial Watch’s recent claim that the FCC colluded with Free Press to regulate the Internet, based on FOIA’d “internal correspondence showing unusual coordination by some officials at the FCC and Free Press in pushing the ‘net neutrality’ agenda.”  As I described last August, the recidivist hypocrites at Free Press have had deeply entrenched lobbying contacts at the agency for some time, even though they decried others having similar relationships.

I hope Congress is watching, however.  Of late, Free Press has been busy, asking the House to look into the FCC’s ethics policies, as staff leaves for greener pastures (wonder if ex-FCC-er Colin Crowell’s departure to set up his own lobbying shop will get a gander?).

I would think that Congress could easily put Free Press’ “unusual coordination” into its ethics inquiry, too.

Congress might also inquire as to where some outstanding funding documents are, such as those promised by Free Press’ Derek Turner in oral testimony before Congress last March:

(Listen here as Representative Marsha Blackburn politely requests – twice – and gets affirmative responses – twice – for the information from Turner at the hearing).

Having looked into the matter, as far as I know, those promised-to-Congress-documents cannot be found.  If that’s because the mail service didn’t deliver them, then my bad.  But, if Free Press made a willful decision to disregard Congress and hold that info back, then those “lost documents” aren’t really lost, are they?  Rather, like a fugitive, they’re hiding from the sheriff.

One learns pretty quickly that spitting into the wind has unrewarding consequences.  If Free Press is spitting in Congress’ face – as it may appear – that, too, should bring about a similar, unrewarding result for the radical group and those who associate with them.


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