Google’s Schmidt Purposely Blind to Net’s Connective Tissue

by Mike Wendy on June 2, 2011

Yesterday, CNet reported that Eric Schmidt sees the Internet / technology industry as being led by the so-called Gang of 4: Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

I am always interested in these types of statements from Google’s Schmidt.  You see, it reflects a constant, perhaps purposeful, blind spot to the ecosystem’s connective tissue – network providers.

As an all-important edge provider, Google seemingly believes that the core / the network is basically superfluous. I guess in doing so, it allows them to push for stultifying Internet regulations – such as Net Neutrality mandates – without experiencing the cognitive dissonance such bird-brained calls would generally bring.

Apparently, Schmidt and his cohorts must follow the Free Press’ version of the ecosystem:

The `Internet’ is not the wires that deliver the content and applications, but the content itself.

What baloney.

Hey, Eric.  Ever try to get search results for content on one of your Android smart phones without America’s communications carriers?

Can’t do it.

Guys like Schmidt, companies like Google, all the paid-for public interest lobbyists in Washington, as well as many in the techpolicy press corps, would do well to understand that the ecosystem is symbiotic.  That innovation comes from, and is demanded at, both the edge (where Google lives) and the core (where the network resides).  They work together because they have to.

Give some love to the carriers, guys.  Without them, the only way we could communicate far and wide would be through smoke signal and carrier pigeon.



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