If Nine “National” Carriers Ain’t Enough Competition for DoJ, What Is?

by Mike Wendy on September 19, 2011

Which top carrier is right for you?

If the DoJ can use T-Mobile’s marketing and self-promoting puffery as “proof” of the company’s so-called “maverick” status in the marketplace, and that its absence to “discipline” competitors will bring the market crashing down, the DoJ must also be aware of the marketing efforts from third parties, which seemingly show that the marketplace is, well, pretty darn competitive and healthy.

Radio Shack promotes 9 "national" wireless choices

Here’s a good example from yesterday’s Washington Post and its competitor, the Washington Examiner.  A Radio Shack “Champions of Choice” promotion (pictured at right).

Note the nine “national” carriers in this national ad (pictured above).

Radio Shack could not do this if the market wasn’t competitive.  Moreover, it wouldn’t jeopardize its own brand if this was a chimera.

So, a question to the DoJ: If nine “national” carriers ain’t enough competition, what is?

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