WSJ LTE on Google’s Eric Schmidt and His Regulatory Lament

by Mike Wendy on October 28, 2011

Here’s my LTE on Google’s Eric Schmidt and his poor choice of spoons, published today in the Wall Street Journal:

Like L. Gordon Crovitz, I, too, thought that the Washington Post interview with Eric Schmidt was remarkable when I first read it. Just not in the way that Mr. Crovitz does, however (“Google Speaks Truth to Power,” Information Age, Oct. 24).

Google, and the antiproperty “public interest” groups it fuels with millions in support, has done more than just about any technology firm in recent memory to invite and incite Washington’s corrosive involvement in our industry. One blaring result of this is net-neutrality regulation, which, not surprisingly, favors Google at the expense of greater Internet investment and innovation. Thus, Mr. Schmidt’s lament that, “Regulation prohibits real innovation, because the regulation essentially defines a path to follow,” rings hollow. Entirely.

One senses from Mr. Schmidt’s Novocain-induced admissions are not any real truth to power, but rather a feeling that in supping with the devil, he now recognizes that his choice of spoons was not nearly long enough.

Mike Wendy


Alexandria, Va.

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