Free Press – Exploiting the “Public Interest” to Benefit the Private Interests of Its 1% Friends

by Mike Wendy on March 2, 2012

Anti-property groups such as Free Press like to remind their followers (and the press) just how “holy” their post-corporate “media reform” agenda is – it’s their brand, you know.  But, as this excellent article by Daily Caller’s Josh Peterson reveals (“Documents show ‘Free Press’ interest group leveraged ties to Google, Obama administration“), they’re really no better than any other lugubrious lobbying outfit in this town, pushing policies that favor their corporate “friends,” financiers and other high-placed supporters, which are ostensibly at odds with their self-appointed roles as “public interest” watchdogs.


Documents made public through past Freedom of Information Act requests and those obtained by The Daily Caller through an undisclosed source reveal a well-funded, ideologically motivated organization with close ties to Google, the White House, and several federal agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and the State Department.

The regulatory policies Free Press advocates, including net neutrality, benefit the organization’s corporate allies, in addition to the investment portfolios of philanthropists including the group’s most well-known financier, George Soros.

This is an instructive read on the Washington game of exploiting the “public interest” to help the private interests of the 1%.  Sadly, there are many more of these faux public interest groups out there, littering and distorting Washington’s policy landscape for private interest and gain.



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