“Access to Knowledge” Free Press Wants to Limit Access to Knowledge on PBS

by Mike Wendy on April 13, 2012

A recent federal court case has opened up the door to PBS properties airing political ads.  This, of course, has the authoritarian group, Free Press, all upset.

Notes this Hill piece:

[A Free Press spokesperson] said viewers rightly consider public stations a refuge from political debate, and are not interested in seeing the firewall breached.

C’mon.  A refuge from political debate?  I mean, PBS is practically a mouthpiece for progressive foundations and other liberal / political causes.  Their programming day is larded with the stuff.  By design.

PBS audiences are notoriously high-brow.  I guess, however, Free Press believes the 1%-ers who watch aren’t able to make informed choices when confronted with mind-bending political ads.

Don’t look, they’re magic. Oooooh.

Free Press’ answer is to ban the stuff altogether.


This is yet another example of the so-called “access-to-knowledge” crowd working to limit access to knowledge they believe is “bad” for Americans.

Quite frankly, more information, not less, is better for Democracy (even though it may be information which Free Press finds unseemly or conservative in view point).

Let the audience decide for itself, you hypocrites.

Gator Dad April 15, 2012 at 10:57 am

So, I’ve been duped by the program “All Things Considered” all these years. They really haven’t considered all have they? Good piece.

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