It’s Time for Industry to Move On Post FTC Google Probe

by Mike Wendy on January 4, 2013

I’m no big fan of Google, but with its two-year FTC antitrust probe now behind it, I  think it’s time for the industry to move on.

For over a decade – starting with the defense of Microsoft through its antitrust woes earlier in the millennium – I have urged the following:

Let’s innovate not litigate.  Let’s compete instead of complain.  Let’s have faith that the advance of technology, consumer transparency tools, industry best practices, ecosystem symbiosis, ecosystem competition, and present laws that police against actual consumer harm can protect the public interest.

Though I remain wary about Google – especially as it pertains to piracy and privacy matters – I think the abovementioned formula is as applicable to them as it is to any company in our industry.  If they truly run afoul of it, the marketplace and/or regulators will hammer them; all the tools are in place to check untoward behavior.

Being dominant does not necessarily mean consumers and competition are being harmed.  Let’s accept that and let’s move on.

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