Snapshot: Broadband Eeyores Full of Nonsense

by Mike Wendy on January 18, 2013

As I was driving down to Miami last week, I was able to pull off the road and get on an NPR show where the guest was bemoaning the so-called “sad state of affairs” of broadband connectivity here in America.

Sad, huh?Set up

I was in rural South Carolina.  Hooked up to a robust wi-fi connection at a local McDonalds.  Streaming the NPR show from an Android device into my car stereo.  Communicating with the show producers via e-mail on a laptop.  And talking to the show live on the air with my Apple LTE phone (my set up in the attached picture above).

Don’t listen to the broadband Eeyores.  We’ve got it pretty darned good here in America!

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