Video: Policymakers Beware – FttH May Not Be “Future Proof” Says CEI’s Fred Campbell

by Mike Wendy on April 16, 2013

Fiber to the Home (FttH) is no doubt tremendous technology, giving life to Internet-based services that need blinding speed. Some believe it is so good, in fact, that they have called it “future proof” and have thus demanded it replace most Internet transmission technologies currently used today. In their view, FttH is peerless, with all other of today’s technology holding back the Internet’s “true” potential.

The evolution of technology – as seen in the exploding growth of the broadband wireless market – offers a rebuttal to that position. In the following video, CEI’s Fred Campbell explains why FttH may not be as “future proof” as many think, and, accordingly, he urges policymakers to have more faith in the “creative destruction” of technological innovation to serve markets and society.

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