Broadband Market Dynamism Revealed Yet Again in WSJ Article

by Mike Wendy on May 30, 2013

The Wall Street Journal story this morning – People Are Cutting the Cord – For Web More Than TV – provides yet another powerful proof point that the U.S. broadband marketplace is vibrant, dynamic, and evolving.

Witness the below inset:

Wireless only1

See that – “fast new” networks,  making smartphone and tablet web use ubiquitous?  That dynamic symbiosis could not have happened in the 19th Century regulatory structure some want us to go back to.

Sure, as the article goes on, a complete switch-over from wired to wireless / mobile isn’t yet in the cards for all Americans.  But, the trend, as well as the evolution of ever-newer and available broadband choices, appears undeniable.

The upshot here is that markets, especially where minimally regulated, tend to evolve, grow and work to meet consumer demand.  Clearly, consumers want better wireless / mobile options.  And, thankfully, the market is working to meet that demand and more.

We’ve heard so much lately from the tech naysayer elites that broadband wireless / mobile is just a second fiddle to the only “truly useful” broadband delivered by fiber.  Yes, fiber sure does deliver.  But, it ain’t the only game in town.   One-size-fits-all or “future proof” communications technology does not exist, as this article plainly reveals.  The broadband market – informed by consumer choice – is bigger and better than that.

Odd that the only ones upset about our competitive broadband marketplace are the naysayer elites.  Why? Because, try as they might (and they sure do try a lot), it is something that perennially confounds them – that is, the market’s continued dynamism sitting largely outside their control and forceful regulatory tactics.

American consumers will keep winning if we can keep it that way.

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