We’re Told This Broadband Competition Thing Isn’t Supposed to Be Happening

by Mike Wendy on August 17, 2013

As I was getting my morning shot of Cuban rocket fuel (a.k.a., coffee) here in Miami today, I stumbled upon this view – an AT&T broadband truck putting in new conduit and fiber facilities across from the coffee shop.

photo (2)

T Fiber 3

T Fiber 5

Some tech Eeyores would have you believe this isn’t happening.  That telecommunications companies like AT&T have just rolled over and have stopped competing because cable broadband has “won” the broadband wars.


In the zip code where I got my coffee, FCC statistics show that there are 9 providers of broadband (including satellite, shown below):

S Miami b-band map

Where I’m staying (about 3 miles from the coffee shop), there are 7 (shown below):

Ponderosa B-band map

In each of these areas, AT&T and Verizon compete head-to-head with others, including (where I’m staying) the “dominant” cable provider, Comcast.

If this is cable “winning” the broadband wars, bring it on!

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Johnny Broadband September 7, 2013 at 4:08 pm

And the friendly folks in the Telecom industry wouldn’t be falsifying their coverage footprints to make it look like they’re not just cherry picking the best neighborhood’s right?


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