FCC – The Lights Are On But No One’s Home, Literally

by Mike Wendy on October 3, 2013

As this shot I took last night reveals, someone forgot to tell the FCC to turn the lights out before leaving its 450,000 square foot headquarters almost entirely empty for the Government Shutdown.


According to the FCC closure plan, no more than 4% of its 1,754-strong workforce – or fewer than 60 employees – could be in the building for the shutdown (including 12 contractors giving 24/7 support for its IT systems, providing this superlative web page to the public).  Yet, here we see the building essentially lit, and running a hefty utility tab at that.

What a waste.  It makes the petty closures of numerous national park(ing lots) look even more mean-spirited than they already are.

If the agency “overseeing” the world’s most advanced communications market can’t flip its own light switches off when it seems called for, how can we trust it to “help” the marketplace thrive?

The answer is we shouldn’t.

Having the lights on but no one home is no way to run an agency – especially one like the FCC, which affects about 20% of our economy.

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