The FCC Has (Government) Shutdown the Marketplace for Years

by Mike Wendy on October 2, 2013

The following two images, which reflect aspects of the Government Shutdown, are basically the same. Directly below is a barricaded 50-yard federal park(ing lot) for busses here in Mount Vernon, VA. Symbolic?  Well, yes.  But, it’s about as petty a gesture as one could imagine.

FCC Shutdown3

Not to be outdone by the Department of Interior, however, the FCC had its own petty barricade yesterday, too, as the attached screen shot taken from its web page attests.

FCC shutdown4

We regret the disruption,” it notes, as if that disruption was limited to just the Shutdown. It has not been. The whole tenure of this administration’s FCC has been one ongoing, government shutdown – a shutdown that has the marketplace by the proverbial shorthairs, preventing it from sustainably serving consumers with the products and services it wants and needs.

Net Neutrality. Data Roaming. Thwarted wireless mergers. Banned business models. The inability to get more spectrum out, creating the “spectrum crunch.”  Etc., etc., etc.  It’s all the result of the FCC’s petty barricades – its government shutdown of the market.

Let’s hope this government lockout continues.  Perhaps then we’ll see less marketplace meddling by the FCC (and its brethren agencies), making Americans better off.

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