More Evidence of Wired B-Band Providers Not Competing

by Mike Wendy on November 29, 2013

Yesterday, as I was picking up my parents for Thanksgiving dinner here in Alexandria, I noticed a Verizon service truck parked all alone on the street near the entrance to their garage (pictured below).

What? Working?  In “Comcast territory”? On Thanksgiving?

VZ Turkey

Back on Labor Day, a Verizon service technician I ran into told me stuff like this – that is, competing vigorously for broadband customers – is standard operating procedure for the company, then noting:

“We’re so busy hooking up broadband, we’ve got crews working Thanksgiving and Christmas to give customers the Internet they want and need. This is 24/7/365 work.  If we don’t, our competitors will eat our lunch.”

Some Tech Eeyores argue that wired broadband companies like Verizon have simply stopped competing for broadband customers because Big Cable has clearly “won” broadband wars.


Working on Thanksgiving is a funny way on “not competing,” don’t you think?

Here’s to being thankful for such “non-competition.”

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