The Vibrant Marketing of POTS – Not

by Mike Wendy on November 11, 2013

These pictures, taken from yesterday’s Sunday stack of newspaper ads, show just one POTS-related marketing pitch in the entire pile of offerings.


Just one.


Well, companies don’t market products and services that aren’t being purchased. In this regard, Americans now communicate more over the Internet than over the old-fashioned, public switched telephone network.  This trend will not abate.  By the end of this year, industry estimates show that only 25% of American households will be subscribed to incumbent-provided public-switched telephone services.  A decade ago, that number was over 90%.

Technology and competition made this happen. VOIP and smartphones – among other Internet-based communications substitutes – have simply eviscerated the plain old telephone system.

Americans will not be returning to the FDR-era copper technology of the traditional telephone any time soon.

It’s time the FCC recognize this and step into the 21st Century, nimbly helping the market meet evolving consumer demand, and protecting consumers only where true harm exists.

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