Failed FCC “Newsroom Study,” Etc., Etc., Shows Big Government Actually Despises the First Amendment

by Mike Wendy on February 24, 2014

Last week’s step-back of the FCC’s Newsroom / Critical Information Needs Study (a.k.a. the Fairness Doctrine 2.0 Study) got me to thinking.  I know there are subtleties in all the citations mentioned below, but in looking at this (from my own narrow work) it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Washington really despises First Amendment protections for Americans.  I guess they think, “Hey, it’s just easier to govern the unwashed masses when they don’t have all the facts.”

That’s just plain wrong.

Let’s connect some dots (in no particular order) –

Each action is a willful statement.  These examples reveal the present leadership’s true hostility to the First Amendment and the free flow of information.   The media stopped really questioning this travesty a long time ago.  It’s our turn to change this unacceptable behavior.  It stands at odds to our liberty and way of life.

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