Remember When Net Neutrality Wasn’t About Regulating the Internet? Seems the President Didn’t Get That Memo.

by Mike Wendy on February 1, 2014

Free Press finally comes clean, hailing the following statement in support of Net Neutrality and regulating the Internet from President Barack Obama:

The one good piece of news coming out of this [Net Neutrality] court opinion was that the court did confirm that the FCC can regulate this space. They have authority,” Obama said. (Emphasis added)

Remember when Free Press and their confiscation-loving friends (including now FCC official, Gigi Sohn) assured us that Net Neutrality wasn’t about regulating the Internet; that it was us, free market-loving individuals, who were somehow mistaken about Uncle Sam’s clearly benevolent intentions to “protect” the Internet?

Well, if you don’t remember, here’re some choice quotes from an old piece I wrote a couple years back to remind you:

  • [Then] Public Knowledge’s Gigi Sohn: “The commission is in no way regulating the Internet. It was merely attempting to return to a modest level of traditional authority needed to safeguard the rights of Internet users. “
  • Free Press’ Derek Turner: “…Contrary to what AT&T says, the FCC is not proposing to regulate the Internet and in fact has specifically disavowed the possibility…”
  • [Then] Representative Ed Markey: “Net neutrality is not about government regulation of the Internet. It’s about fair rules of the road for the companies that now control access.”
  • [Then] Public Knowledge’s Art Brodsky: “…The most fundamental misunderstanding, of course, is that the FCC wants to take over the Internet. It doesn’t. The talking point, while appropriately inflammatory for the target audience, is simply wrong. There is no ‘takeover’ of the Internet. A ‘takeover’ raises the spectre of government control of content, directing which companies, sites and services can operate and which can’t. Nothing like that is even remotely happening, and it is irresponsible to suggest that it is. It’s just the opposite…”
  • Free Press’ Tim Karr: …[Speaker of the House John Boehner] knows full well that real Net Neutrality has nothing to do with a government takeover of the Internet. He’s playing dog-whistle politics and stoking irrational fears of government repression…

They might all intone:  “Who ya’ gonna’ believe?  Me, or your lyin’ eyes?”

Umm, the eyes have it.

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