MSM Writes FCC’s Net Neutrality Press Releases; Google and Friendlies Snicker in Delight

by Mike Wendy on May 19, 2014

Without argument, the Left-dominated press likes big government programs like Net Neutrality. Last week’s coverage of the FCC’s Net Neutrality meeting only confirmed this, as the mainstream media (MSM) seemingly worked in overdrive to promote Net Neutrality for the Commission, and virtually ignore conservative point of view, which stands against the Commission’s plans.  As one reporter accidentally let slip to me, his inbox was filled with “half lefty groups attacking the FCC for killing net neutrality and half lefty groups hailing the FCC for moving toward it.”

Why report on any other ideas when “100%” wants some form of Net Neutrality?  Anyway, “the left-leaning groups seem to care way more about this,” he assured me.  So, I guess it was OK to focus on them, right?

Yeah, right.

Seton Motley surveyed this weekend’s media coverage of the event, pointing out:

The all-encompassing government-Internet-power-grab that is Network Neutrality rarely gets outside-the-Tech-World media attention.  But Thursday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted in Democrat Party-line fashion to begin its process of imposing it.  This was a big enough deal that it garnered over-the-weekend Big Media coverage from ABC (with a Bloomberg assist) and PBS (with a Washington Post assist).

And it will shock you to learn that they only provided the pro-regulation side of the discussion – leaving out myriad essential points that are at cross-purposes with their government-growth efforts.

Their reporting was in fact so warped that – as huge as the FCC’s power grab is – there was palpable upset that the Commission didn’t go further.  And hope that it will increase its overreach as the process moves forward. (Emphasis added)

The MSM does great government work, writing the FCC’s press releases.  Google – which has been the main bankroller of the concept through the entire decade-long FCC process – makes sure of it.  The company’s revenue model depends on a free ride over the Internet to end-users.  Consequently, Google is thick as thieves with reporters so the company’s we-protect-the-little-guy narrative gets faithfully, relentlessly transmitted to the low-information reader.

This relationship is very comfortable.  Very.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a telling shot I took of Politico tech reporter, Brooks Boliek (center), and Google lobbyist, Marvin Ammori (left), last week outside the FCC before the Net Neutrality vote. Remember this. Conservatives are not allowed to rub elbows with the Left-leaning MSM. We are kept at great distance – and out of the press – because the MSM considers our ideas a real threat to their power and control.  And, of course, they offend Google, the king maker.


Ask any reporter worth their salt and they’ll tell you this is poor form.  So, why would a reporter do this so out in the open?  Because he can.  And, he knows no one who matters will care.  After all – 100% agree with their (Google’s, the reporter’s, the DNC’s) point of view.  There are no other ideas worth reporting, in their eyes.

It’s time to pay attention to these laughing men behind the curtain.  The stories they tell are destroying our liberties, indenturing our servitude to companies like Google, and big government politicians who want us to depend only on them in times of need and calamity (which would be a lot more if they had their way).

This isn’t funny any longer.  It’s time to jam their transmission.

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