Video: Ex-FCC Official – Fred Campbell – Says Title ll Doesn’t Close Door on “Fast Lanes,” Opens Edge to Possibility of Regulation

by Mike Wendy on May 12, 2014

The Left these past couple of weeks has gone crazy over the suggestion that Chairman Tom Wheeler’s new “Section 706” plan to protect Net Neutrality would allow “fast lanes” (among other forms of reasonable discrimination).  In the Left’s view, the only “safe” Internet is one which regulates broadband access providers under Title ll regulation, which it believes precludes “fast lanes” and the like.  But you know what?  As ex-FCC official, Fred Campbell, explains in the following video, not only does Title ll fail to close the door on “fast lanes,” it also opens up the very real possibility that the edge will be regulated like phone companies someday, too.

Wow, that can’t be good for permissionless innovation.

Section 706 and Title II have a lot in common, with Fred Campbell, Director, CBIT from Mike Wendy on Vimeo.

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