Video: Last Week’s FCC Net Neutrality Freak Show in One-Minute

by Mike Wendy on May 22, 2014

These pictures, and the attached 1-minute video (at bottom), were taken from last Thursday’s FCC Net Neutrality freak show / protests.  The first two pictures seem innocent enough – a girl with a $3.50 cup of Starbucks coffee, who essentially wants the Internet for free; and the second, an “Occupy Protester” who probably wants all private property (except his) to be free for the 99%.

9The third picture (just below) is the scary one, though – former edge industry lobbyist and now FCC official, Gigi Sohn (with pointing finger), holding court with Google lobbyist, Marvin Ammori (first from left), and Free Press / edge industry lobbyist, Matt Wood (second from right), among others, just before the FCC’s Net Neutrality open meeting. The Net Neutrality rule – which has been twice rejected by the DC Circuit – primarily benefits and subsidizes the edge. That is, companies like Google and Netflix. All the freak show stuff at the protests is just a distraction. The people there, just tools of these power brokers.


Don’t be evil? Protect the little guy?

Umm, sure.

Net Neutrality has always been about big edge companies wanting us all to pay for their traffic.  A free ride.  Ironically (and sadly), in getting what they’ve wished for – an inevitable Net Neutrality rule – someday those same rules will find use against them…

…to help the little guy.

The regulatory genie can’t be put back in the bottle. If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is.

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