Video: Naive Silicon Valley

by Mike Wendy on June 10, 2014

Silicon Valley lobbied its rear end off to get the twice court-rejected Net Neutrality regulations on the FCC rulebooks. Why such efforts? Well, because Net Neutrality represents a free-ride for the Valley, one which many of its biggest players have built their businesses upon.

As the FCC embarks on its third bite of this rotten apple, many of those same Silicon Valley players want more – that is, they want the FCC to impose antique telephone regulations on network providers in order to, well, shield them from having to pay fully for the network services they use.

Though Silicon Valley might think it has found a tactical nuke to protect itself, NetCompetititon’s Scott Cleland outlines some reasons why its calls for utility regulation will likely backfire, directly subjecting edge companies like Google, Amazon and Netflix to costly, anti-innovation rules they thought would apply only to the ISPs.

Be careful what you wish for, Silicon Valley. You might actually get what you asked for.  (I hope not)

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