Video: Top 10 Reasons Why Utility Regulation Is Bad for Broadband, by Scott Cleland

by Mike Wendy on June 3, 2014

The end game for many a progressive shouting for Net Neutrality is for the FCC (and state Commissions) to regulate broadband like a public utility. NetCompetition’s Scott Cleland provides this excellent top-ten list of reasons why that’s not such a great idea (seen here also in this Daily Caller piece, and in the 1-minute video below).

The Top 10 List

#1:          A problem pretending to be a solution 

#2:          A trillion-dollar bait-and-switch 

#3:          All pain no gain

#4:          Slow Internet to Government speed

#5:          Government-run Internet 

#6:          Most obsolete regulation for most modern sector 

#7:          No good deed goes unpunished 

#8:          Zero pricing is unsustainable

#9:          Only the fringe left wants it

#10:        FCC overruling Congress


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