Video: Even Supporters Don’t Understand Title II Net Neutrality

by Mike Wendy on September 25, 2014

This video shows a representative from Namecheap as he tries to describe Title II Net Neutrality, and the need for it.  Not surprisingly – because even the professional FCC lobbyists can’t tell you exactly what Title II Net Neutrality is – he stumbles along, and then finally comes to the conclusion that the entire Internet must be treated as a utility, and, anyway, all his group is really concerned about is that peoples’ access to information isn’t purposely slowed down by ISPs.

OK, now I get it.

What a deliberate mess the FCC has created.

The Agency and its edge-company supporters have long-claimed that the Commission’s efforts to create legally viable Net Neutrality rules aren’t about regulating the Internet. But, when I talk to folks outside the Beltway, it seems they think that’s what Title II is all about.  And they’re right.  In application, that’s what will occur.  The FCC (and its naive edge-company sycophants) are selling a false bill of goods here.  This authority cannot be cabined.  Someday, most anything touching the Internet will be regulated.  We’ll probably all have computer driver’s licenses to boot.

Oh, well.

As to slowing down traffic – no legitimate ISP wants to block information, etc. in order to gouge consumers.  They want to deliver what their customers want while making a reasonable profit, which is hard enough in competitive markets (and they are) without the FCC and some nebulous concept, benignly called Net Neutrality, regulating what they can offer.  Really, do consumers need this – especially Title II Net Neutrality, which is simply a game of extortion and rent seeking, being played by companies like Netflix and Google so they don’t have to pay their fair share?



BTW – Net Neutrality professional lobbyists, Fight for the Future, “collaborated” with Namecheap to lobby the FCC for Net Neutrality with the Jumbotron, which features prominently in the background of this video.

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