Video: Internet Takeover Will Be the Stupidest Thing Done by the FCC Since 1934, with Scott Cleland

by Mike Wendy on February 23, 2015

I was able to catch up with NetCompetition’s Scott Cleland on Capitol Hill last Friday.   In the accompanying (short) video, he’s not pulling any punches: In his view, the President’s takeover of the Internet this coming Thursday – via his FCC and its imposition of old-fashioned telephone rules for the Internet – is about the stupidest thing the Commission has done since 1934.  Sadly, not only will it harm the entire Internet, it will hurt our economy, too.  Former President Bill Clinton did at least one thing right – he kept his hands off of the medium.   That “light touch” model led to tremendous, permissionless Internet ecosystem growth.

Barack Obama wants to “fix” that for good.  ObamaNet is his answer.

So, goodbye Internet. It was nice knowing ya’ while you were free and easy.

Take a look.

gator dad February 25, 2015 at 1:37 am

Good interview. Wish he had spoken about regulation and revenue generation eg: taxes on stuff I like. It’s coming. Maybe they will call it a “fee”.

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