Video: Net Neutrality – Purposely Bereft of Meaningful Analysis?, with Roslyn Layton

by Mike Wendy on May 20, 2015

It is abundantly clear that Net Neutrality is a religion that cannot be questioned or analyzed in any meaningful way by its supporters. For the rest of us, as we wade through the President’s 400-page Open Internet / Net Neutrality Order, more and more infirmities with the regulation become apparent daily, as these two recent pieces by the Phoenix Center (Bait-and-Switch—Or Why the FCC’s ‘Virtuous Circle’ Theory is Nonsense”), and AAF (The Real History of Title II and Investment”) sharply reveal.

The attached video, by Net Neutrality researcher Roslyn Layton, tells us that this willful blindness toward better understanding of Net Neutrality and its real-world effects seems to be the rule, however. In her studies, not a single OECD country – including the U.S. – has conducted even a rudimentary Regulatory Impact Assessment of the law before it was enacted.

Why the blind faith for Net Neutrality?

Ask the Google.

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