Congress Repeals Last FCC’s Privacy Land Grab, Begins Correcting Prior Commission’s Regulatory Overreach

by Mike Wendy on March 29, 2017

MediaFreedom applauds yesterday’s House action to repeal the FCC’s Internet privacy rules. The legislation now goes to the President where it is expected to be signed into law. This is good news, and represents an important step in correcting the last FCC’s regulatory overreach, which has done immense damage to consumers, society and the Internet ecosystem.

Instead of needlessly complex and confusing rules, American Internet users will once again be guided by an FTC-like privacy regime that will harmonize privacy regulation across all Internet players, boost innovation, provide more useful information to consumers and open up competition, all of which were foreclosed by the previous FCC’s partisan actions.

Of course, Congress will have to stop the policy ping pong by overturning the prior Commission’s punishing utility regulation of ISPs, which is the root issue at hand. Those FDR-era rules thwart sustainable growth and infrastructure deployment. Consequently, not only do ISPs lose, but average Americans do, too. We urge Congress to make this change quickly, and stand ready to support its efforts as it moves forward.


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