Study: Millennials Demand Netflix at a Five-Finger Discount

by Mike Wendy on April 24, 2017

Shocker alert: A new study has found that a majority of millennials don’t pay to use Netflix. According to the survey:

54 percent of respondents said they use a friend’s or family member’s account. Additionally, 5 percent said they used their current or ex-girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s account. Meanwhile, only 34 percent said they have their own account, and 8 percent did not have a Netflix account.

In total, 59 percent of millennials are using someone else’s account to access Netflix’s “subscription-only” content. That is a significant contingent of people, and in turn, a significant amount of revenue not being generated.

Is anyone surprised by this? Certainly, Netflix shouldn’t be. They tooled millennials into demanding that the FCC hogtie ISPs with confiscatory Net Neutrality rules.  The Obama FCC kindly obliged, giving Netflix, and other billion-dollar Silicon Valley companies like it, a free ride to deliver their services over the Internet to “subscribers.”  Oh, and the kids got all that free speech stuff, too.

For millennials, a “free Internet” seems to mean: stolen, not paid for, grifted, ripped off, shoplifted, filched, poached, purloined…

The report exclaims “Millennials are Cheating the Netflix System.” Of course, not only does this harm Netflix and its investors, it also hurts all the artists who have content on that service but who aren’t getting compensated by those who should be paying. They’re cheating ISPs, too, putting the burden of network construction on the backs of honest individuals who pay their bills and, in doing so, help subsidize network capacity so that millennials can binge-watch 4K video in their parents’ basement until 4AM.

The Internet must be free, you know. Millennials must have their five-finger discount. It is a human right.

It’s hard to turn that spigot off once you’ve got it started. That is, until the spigot doesn’t drip any longer.

Hopefully the new FCC can right some of this millennial theft by repealing Net Neutrality and the like. Seems Netflix might do well to help out, too.

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