Too Late, “Media Reformers,” the Last FCC Closed the Open Internet in 2015

by Mike Wendy on May 9, 2017

The Net Neutrality rules which this “media reform” group advocated for closed the open Internet in 2015.

This shot – of a Free Press “media reform” staff activist – reveals the clear disconnect between those who want the FCC to regulate the Internet via utility regulation (as in her Soros-funded group, and numerous others), and those who don’t.

She and her group support a “diverse media landscape,” which in their view must not include all of America (meaning one group in particular).  So of course, they hailed the FCC when it released its Open Internet / Net Neutrality / Title II order in 2015 – especially when the agency declared that ISPs have no First Amendment right to act as the communicators they want to be (that action representing an integral step toward taking corporate America – and that one particular group noted above – away from the megaphone).

Imagine that?  A group called Free Press cheered when the government censored a whole class of communicators.  That’s because they believe the First Amendment is not really a limit on government at all.  Rather, it’s a cudgel to break voice and control content so that the “public interest” can get its bureaucratically-approved “digital broccoli.”

Leave My Open Internet Alone?

It’s too late.  President Obama, Tom Wheeler and Gigi Sohn took it away back in 2015.

Thankfully, the new FCC is working to Restore Internet Freedom by, one hopes, wresting the Internet from the clutches of Depression-era law, and returning the First Amendment to where it should be in the first place – that is, getting Uncle Sam out of the business of censoring voice and content.

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