FOIA’d E-mails Show Wheeler FCC Rolled Red Carpet Out for Last “Day of Action” Organizers, Not So Much for Others

by Mike Wendy on June 7, 2017

On Sept. 10, 2014, Fight for the Future (Holmes Wilson), Demand Progress (David Segal), and Google-funded activist Marvin Ammori organized a “day of action” / Internet Slowdown to show the world what life would be like without Net Neutrality.

The event was also designed to generate large numbers of comments into the FCC, supporting the Agency’s pending Net Neutrality rule – an important, if unstated, PR goal of the organizers to further “prove” Net Neutrality’s worth.

Recent FOIA’d documents from the FCC show how the organizers blatantly ignored FCC guidance, bringing down the comment system through their actions. Further, these documents reveal how the organizers then demanded and got red carpet treatment from the Agency, working exclusively and collaboratively with the FCC’s IT and press departments, to file their comments and get their story told through the media.

Ironically, at the end of all this mess, commenters against the Net Neutrality rule dominated the process, tallying 900,000+ comments, over 100,000 more than the “day of action’s” FCC-coddled efforts.

Interestingly, for the 900,000, this all occurred without any special outreach or help from FCC personnel.

Over two years ago, MediaFreedom asked the FCC to look into these shenanigans, hoping to reform the virtually unverifiable mass electronic comment system pushed for by Fight for the Future et al. After numerous FOIA requests and an appeal, only three e-mails (which were never even released to MediaFreedom) were ever devoted to this inquiry by the Agency’s Inspector General.

FCC “day of action” / Internet Slowdown E-mails

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