MediaFreedom to FCC > Can We Get Rid of the Pernicious OIO / Net Neutrality Rules Already?

by Mike Wendy on July 18, 2017

Before the
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, D.C. 20554


MediaFreedom commends the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom NPRM, which we hope leads to the elimination of the Open Internet Order’s (“OIO”) regulatory overreach, especially as it pertains to the re-classification of ISPs as common carriers. We hope also that the resulting rules axe in their entirety, or greatly relax, the agency’s present Net Neutrality regulations on throttling, blocking and paid priority. MediaFreedom has long-argued that agency-mandated Net Neutrality rules were never needed. Not only are they inapt for today’s converged marketplace, they unconstitutionally abridge the speech and association rights of all players on the Internet. The FCC would do well to rid the Internet ecosystem of these pernicious proscriptions…

(The full text of MediaFreedom’s comments can be found on the FCC’s website here)

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