Net Neutrality – It’s About the “Small Companies,” Says Google, er, Senator Ed Markey

by Mike Wendy on July 18, 2017

Senator Ed Markey was shoveling out the Net Neutrality bullslop in overdrive during last week’s “day of action” Hill event. According to the Senator, Net Neutrality is about protecting “small companies.”

Exclaimed Markey (from the video above):

“…And I think that this is going to be well understood by every American, and in Washington, DC, that this is an issue that, that the smaller companies, ah, care about desperately. And, and, as we know, this FCC always sides with the biggest companies at every fight, and, ultimately, that’s our job – to make sure that voices of those smaller companies are being heard…”

Interestingly, not a single “small company” was in attendance at the event.  Who was?  The usual suspects  – professional Soros activists, and the politicians who work with them.

If “ultimately” that’s their job to protect small companies, where the heck were they?


Of course, that was never the goal of Title II Net Neutrality.

Ultimately, the job was to protect Google (and Silicon Valley) with a government-mandated subsidy and legal barrier to competition (so long as they carry the water of Uncle Sam); create a powerful hook for the FCC to regulate and control “unfavorable” content; and to make the operation of private communications networks the exception rather than the rule.

That’s a lot of words for “small company.” Funny how Washington speaks, eh?

So much so I forgot to laugh.

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