Statement: MediaFreedom Congratulates FCC for Restoring Internet Freedom

by Mike Wendy on December 14, 2017

The following statement may be attributed to Mike Wendy, President of

Alexandria, VA, December 14, 2017 – MediaFreedom congratulates the FCC for Restoring Internet Freedom today. In doing so, it returns the American communications landscape to the 45-plus year deregulatory trajectory which helped make the commercial Internet one of the most amazing, life-bettering communications tools since the Gutenberg printing press.

Importantly, it overturns the prior Commission’s cynical and heavy-handed Title II, utility-styled regulation of the Internet. That 19th Century framework was always-ever inapt for today’s converged communications marketplace. Not only did it greatly distort the marketplace by giving Silicon Valley a needless leg-up to “compete,” it gave “media reform” elites the force of law to control and censor speech they do not favor.

Good riddance to that deleterious, freedom-killing scheme.

The sky won’t fall. It will stay high up above us via the advance of technology, vibrant intermodal competition, industry peer group and standards-setting organizations, consumer transparency tools, and pre-Open Internet / Net Neutrality Order law enforcement practices. Together, this “light touch” framework will protect against real harm to the marketplace and society. It worked astoundingly well before, and it will again.

Liberated from un-needed Net Neutrality regulation, the return to Internet freedom will bring about more infrastructure investment, increased competition, a proliferation of new products and services, a renewed flowering of unfettered free expression, and a further closing of the digital divide. Stated differently, it will deliver real prosperity and liberty to all Americans, not just the barons of Silicon Valley and progressive policymakers.

The FCC’s actions today are a declaration of independence from the shackles of the prior Commission’s agency-constricted marketplace.  Still, the back-and-forth of the administrative process remains. To this end, we call on Congress to use today’s positive developments as a way to arrive at bi-partisan legislation, uniting all sides with an updated path to guide the future growth of the Internet for consumers and society.


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